Last week, PlayStation released some key information and the highly-anticipated trailer for Saber Interactive’s upcoming NBA Playgrounds which will be released in May.

From the initial viewing of the game, it appears that the New Jersey-based video game developer is going for an old school NBA Jam feel instead of the incredibly popular NBA 2K17, with an homage to NBA Street mixed in

NBA Playground: Where Street Meets Jam

Unlike the market-cornering NBA 2K17, NBA Playgrounds is by no means a basketball simulation game. The graphics are more arcade style and the moves that you can perform are exaggerated and over the top.

However, the shooting mechanism is intriguing. The game will reward you for releasing the button at the top of the player’s jump, not just with an increased chance of making the shot. This part of the scoring may be really enticing to play in a multi-gamer setting.

You Can Get Bonus Points For Button Accuracy

Just like in the NBA, there will be a Lottery Pick System. If your team goes on a winning streak, you will have the opportunity to spin a wheel for a short-term bonus in the form of super speed shoes, getting 12 inches of extra height on dunks, a shot percentage increase, and a 2x three-pointer.

What also affects your Lottery Pick meter is defense. You will be handed a penalty for pushing guys down, so you will have to rely on savvy defensive moves.

You Can Fly To New Heights

The final piece of intel learned about NBA Playgrounds is that you can also upgrade by opening new card packs that unlock additional moves, current NBA players, and retired legends. Like real life, many of the stars in the game have signature moves that can be acquired as you attempt to level-up your team; think about it this way – can you imagine if you had Allen Iverson and his sick crossover?

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