A San Diego Chargers fan has raised over $10,000 to display five anti-NFL messages on a digital billboard near the StubHub Center, the new home of the Chargers.

Joseph MacRae is furious that his favorite team has relocated from San Diego and he will not allow his feeling of betrayal to go unnoticed. On the GoFundMe page, MacRae wrote, “This isn’t just for San Diego fans. This is for Oakland fans and St. Louis fans as well. Your cities didn’t deserve this and, most importantly, you didn’t deserve this.”

Upon relocation, the team names have undergone changes to the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

The anti-NFL images, which MacRae designed himself, will be displayed during the team’s three-game homestand.

One of the images to be featured pictures Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, along with the words “No Freaking Loyalty.” MacRae has been showcasing his work before their billboard showcase on his Twitter.

The owner of the billboard at hand reassured MacRae that he would not allow the NFL to block the messages.

This goes to show that breaking up is hard to do when you’re feeling betrayed — even when it’s the NFL.

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