While many weren’t surprised about the JD trade, most fans weren’t familiar with the players that the Tigers received in return. Obviously, this generated some outrage from the Detroit fans. So who did they get? Infielders Dawel Lugo, Sergio Alcantara, and Jose King are now a part of the Tigers system. None of them are top prospects, but they all have potential due to their youth and athleticism.

Hitting is an unpredictable tool, but athleticism and speed are impossible to train. Alcantara has a strong arm for a shortstop, and he has some potential to hit for a decent average and be a steals guy. Nothing too exciting, but he is, at worst, a utility man. The hitting isn’t a guarantee, but a good defensive shortstop is still valuable.

King may have the most upside, and at just 18 he has a lot of time left in the minor league system. He’s a well rounded player, but again, at just 18, he’s basically just a lottery ticket at this point.

Finally, Lugo is the closest of the three to reaching the majors, and he is a third baseman at this point. He’s a good defender, and he has the ability to hit for average with doubles power. Essentially, Lugo compares to a Juan Uribe. Not a superstar, but not a bad player by any means.

Now, is this enough of a haul for JD Martinez? Put simply, yes. Martinez was set to become a free agent, and now the Tigers have significantly improved their future infield. On the Diamondbacks side, they didn’t give up any elite pieces, and they acquired an All-Star caliber outfielder. Martinez may be enough to push the D-Backs over the top in the NL.

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