Ever since Aubrey Graham graduated from Degrassi High and re-emerged three years later as Drake (his middle name), fans all over North America knew he was an avid basketball fan.

Even his character on Degrassi, Jimmy Brooks, was the school’s star hoops player until Jimmy was tragically shot and was left paralyzed.

Drake’s Love For Hoops Goes Way Back

A Toronto native, Drake can frequently be seen courtside at Raptor games and was named the team’s “global ambassador” four years ago.

In addition to being a part of the Raptors’ executive committee and introducing players at the 2016 All-Star Game which was held at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre,┬áhe is an avid college basketball fan as well.

At least, he’s a fan of one team…

Drake Is A Passionate Hoops Fan

Since 2009 when he appeared at Big Blue Madness – an event at the University of Kentucky when the basketball team is officially unveiled within minutes of being allowed to do so – Drake has been a die-hard fan of the Wildcats.


Drake Brings The Drama To Raptors’ Games

The fondness was mutual: The school openly endorsed having Drake as a fan and even reported themselves to the NCAA after then-guard Tyler Ulis took a photo with the rap star after a concert in 2015 (according to NCAA rules, the meeting was considered a Level III Violation of “preferential treatment,” even though Drake didn’t offer Ulis free tickets or gifts of any type).

If you welcome an NCAA investigation on yourself, you must be a big fan.

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