Less than a week after Decker was released by the Jets, he’s found a new home! The Tennessee Titans have been working on improving their wide receiver corp, so Decker was a perfect fit. Now the team has another big body to target in the red-zone besides Delanie Walker.

The Titans didn’t pass much this past season, but they may with the additions they have made. Marcus Mariota certainly has the arm for it. On the other hand, they do need to keep Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray involved in the game. That was a big reason why the team was so run-happy last season. Fortunately, Decker should lead the team in yards and touchdowns, and even if he isn’t targeted much, his red-zone targets should be on the high end.

Still, given the Titans’ predisposition to the run, it’s important not to get too excited about Decker. He should be in the WR3 range, and that’s even a bit risky, given his health issues. On top of that, the team now has 4 legitimate receivers, so the combination just won’t help Decker’s value.

This may be one of the cases where a player is better in real life than in fantasy. Still, keep an eye out for Decker if he falls to the end of your draft.

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