Has Kevin Pillar learned his lesson when it comes to yelling anti-gay slurs at players on the other team? It would appear that he has. But he actually still has a lot to do before he’s finished making amends.

When Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar was at bat, Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte was getting in his head with his pitching. It was enough to frustrate the center fielder so bad, out came the anti-gay slur that no one on the internet is comfortable repeating. It’s a challenge to find the actual slur written anywhere.

The video below is the exact moment when it happened. The commentators don’t know what he said. You don’t hear it in the video. But you can watch it all day long to figure out what he said that was so inappropriate. It’s just no one’s trying to repeat it. That’s how serious this matter is being taken.

Just Couldn’t Hold His Tongue

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated, “We were made aware of an allegation … and we’re in the process of trying to gather the facts as a prelude to determine whether and what discipline is appropriate.” They arrived at a two-game suspension with a forfeited salary.

Kevin Pillar extended a heartfelt apology. But he wasn’t done. He discussed an idea with MLB and came up with a plan to donate his forfeited salary to two different LGBTQ organizations. PFLAG and You Can Play are the organizations he chose. PFLAG is an advocate for the parents, family, and friends of lesbians and gays. You Can Play is an organization that helps the LGBTQ community feel safe playing sports.

What’s more, Pillar wasn’t done yet. “It’s easy to come out and make your apologies and hope people forget, but I meant what I said when I said hopefully I’ll be made an example of.” When Toronto invited a member of the Pride Toronto’s board of directors, Michelle Cherny to throw out the first pitch at the game against the Yankees, Pillar wanted to participate. So, he went out and caught the ball.

He’ll also be taking sensitivity classes that will be conducted by the PFLAG. It might actually be a good bet that Pillar will never yell another anti-gay slur again. Not only that, but at the rate he’s going, he might actually become an activist for the LGBTQ community.

That Moment When It Happened

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