When anyone mentions basketball greats, who do you think of? Michael Jordan? LeBron James? What name comes to your mind?

There are many great basketball players who have played the game. But, what about LaMelo Ball? You may not have heard of him yet. But, you will. This is one up and coming basketball player you will hear great things about in the future.

First of all, he’s the younger brother of UCLA star Lonzo Ball. Second of all, he’s committed to UCLA too. UCLA will have both of these hot stars on their team in the very near future. But, why is he making headlines right now? I mean, there are plenty of stars across the nation coming out of high school and going into college. What’s so awesome about LaMelo?

How does 92 points in one game sound?



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How awesome is this kid? Here he is pointing at the half court. What’s he going to do from the half court? It’s a crazy shot. They make fans give it a try if they want to win some outrageous prize like a full college scholarship.

He Called It

calling from half court

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But, LaMelo Ball was very confident in his game. He pulled up and nailed the shot. Oh by the way, he gets the same prize. Only it’s not for doing it once. It’s for shining game after game. Hitting 92 in one game is not his only phenomenally high scoring game. It’s just his highest!

LaMelo Ball Highlights