MVP frontrunners Russell Westbrook and James Harden are running out of time in the race for the league’s most valuable player.

With the regular season ending on April 12th, the two point guards (Westbrook for the Thunder and Harden for the Rockets) are coming dangerously close to making cases for themselves before the clock strikes midnight.

Every game, every point, every moment counts.

Both are very deserving of the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, the most prestigious individual award the NBA hands out, so much so, that this year’s MVP race may come down to a photo finish.

These Two Were Once Teammates In OKC

These two superstars have been phenomenal this season and on top of it, they’re great friends, stemming from Harden’s three years in Oklahoma City, which has sweetened the storyline pot.

What Might Have Been

It should also be stated that LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are also very, very good players but neither one is having the impact Westbrook and Harden are having this season.

These Two Are Still In It

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