This is a busy time in the NFL – for front offices, that is. The scouting departments are finalizing their reports on the prospective players who will be drafted in Philadelphia in a couple weeks. Those same players are working out with trainers to stay in shape, talking to their agents about where they should expect to be drafted, and for some, preparing for finals so they can graduate.

For the rest of the league, namely the veterans, this is the time of year where they too are working out full-time, spending quality time with their families, and being heavily involved in charity appearances – both their own and their friends’ and teammates’.

Some travel, either with their wife and kids or with their buddies; some travel to the other side of the world to spend quality time with others, namely, the U.S. troops.

The USO Plans Yearly Trips With NFL Players

NFL players Delanie Walker, Cam Jordan, and Byron Maxwell flew with the USO to visit U.S. Troops overseas on an eight-day trip. Most of the locations were undisclosed, but they originally landed in Kuwait where they immediately spent time with the brave men and women of the United States military.

The troops showed the players their tanks, Humvees, and other equipment used at an overseas base. The players also ate with the troops and learned about their lives in deployment and back home.

That Is Some Serious Ammunition!

The players also rode camels and learned to fire military-grade weapons while they were on their multi-base tour. At their undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, they attended a re-enlistment ceremony and got up close and personal with Harrier jets.

Walker Chronicled The Trip And Shared Photos On Twitter

As unfamiliar as these moments were to Walker, Jordan, and Maxwell, they also had some physical activities that these pro football players were slightly accustomed to.

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