In an article with ESPNW, Sue Bird publicly announced that she was gay. On top of that startling announcement, she also stated that she was in a relationship with USWNT star soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

Bird went on to say that she never hid her sexuality, she just never had announced it before, so most people outside of her personal circle didn’t notice. She decided to come out at this point because the timing just felt right. Although some people thought that she should’ve come out sooner, Bird said that she never really felt the need.


At 36-years-old, Bird is still incredibly productive. In her 15th season, she averaged 10.8 points, to go  along with 6.9 assists.

In the interview, Sue said that she discovered that she was gay during college. It was a non-issue for her family and friends, so she never had to have a public coming out. She certainly had her own journey with it, but she preferred not to be gossiped about, and frankly, who can blame her?

Interestingly, her girlfriend, Megan, is a huge LGBTQ advocate. Megan has been very supportive of Colin Kaepernick, and there’s no doubt that she had a role in convincing Bird to be more vocal.

Sue simply said that she hasn’t felt the need to be a leader in that fight, and that she would rather just live her life. This was something that she had been on the verge of doing for a long time, but at this point, the timing just seemed right.

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