Golf is a leisurely sport that gives golfers a place to relax and walk around in nature on a nice sunny day. No one ever signed up for golf thinking that one day they were going to be chased by a moose. But it happened to one guy who will never forget it as long as he lives. That’s because it’s viral now and it will never go away.

Tony Swahn posted the video. But he seems to be the guy laughing behind the camera. He’s not the guy with his life in danger getting chased by a raging moose who wants him off of his land.

You Never Know When A Moose Wants To Play Golf

Tony Swahn and friends were golfing at GK Karlstad in Värmland County, Sweden when they happened to see a moose saunter out of the woods. At first, the moose seemed interested in the golfer’s bag. But its short attention span suddenly changed to the golfer himself.

That’s when the whole scene changed and it got real. How would you act if a moose walked up to you and started snooping around? I’m thinking that a moose who just comes walking out of the woods isn’t the kind of guy who wants to be petted or handed treats like a dog. It will probably want to chase you down and who knows what else when it catches the poor guy.

That’s Because The Moose Wasn’t Really Interested In Golf

Who would have thought golf could be so dangerous? The only thing I ever thought could possibly happen is a golf ball crashes through a car window in the parking lot. Now, you have to watch out for dangerous animals breaking onto the golf course to steal golf clubs.

What is this world coming to? Actually, the moose might have been a nice guy. The thing is the golfer didn’t even give him a chance. He just started running before the moose could take a minute to introduce himself. And this whole hilarious scene is caught on footage for you to view right now.

This Could Be A New Sport

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