The 2017 MLB season is underway and everyone is putting their money on who will be crowned World Series Champions less than a week into the campaign. (If you’re interested, the Chicago Cubs are favorites to repeat at 7-2 odds, while the San Diego Padres are the biggest longshot at 500-1.)

But Vegas oddsmakers and casinos aren’t the only ones making money when it comes to MLB; the players are making hefty salaries, too.

Some, of course, more than others. For instance, there is a slew of relief pitchers making around $537,000 per year, which doesn’t sound like a lot of moolah in the grand scheme of professional sports, but a lot of those guys won’t take the mound at all this season.

Then there are the players that are banking so much cash, it’s unfathomable. We’re talking jaw-dropping amounts of money.

Check out the list of the top salaries of the 2017 MLB season:

T-15. Yoenis Cespedes, CF, New York Mets / Cole Hamels, P, Texas Rangers


14. Hanley Ramirez, 1B, Boston Red Sox


13. Joe Mauer, C, Minnesota Twins


12. Johnny Cueto, P, San Francisco Giants


11. Robinson Cano, 2B, Seattle Mariners


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