Another first to celebrate when it comes to women in sports is brought to you by the Victoria HarbourCats. The amateur baseball team located in Victoria, British Columbia signed Claire Eccles as a pitcher and she played her first game against Wenatchee Applesox.

Claire Eccles is not just a pitcher, but a knuckleballer. That means she’s a special kind of pitcher who has the ability to throw an erratic pitch. It’s bound to be a strike. But the path it takes along the way is hard for a batter to follow.

Claire Eccles Steps To The Mound

Claire was sent to the bullpen at the bottom of the 7th and she was sent into the game to pitch. In a game that is dominated by men, Claire entered the game as a pitcher. Of course, there are thoughts running through a lot of guys’ heads. But those myths about how girls throw can be put to bed now.

“You throw like a girl,” is something that should never come out of anyone’s mouth again. And if it does, it’s a compliment if that girl is Claire Eccles. Anyone who can pitch like her should be proud they can pitch like someone who could actually be on her way to the pros.

Claire Eccles Getting Ready To Strike Someone Out

So far this year, we have a college football kicker who could possibly find her way into the NFL one day. Now, we have Claire Eccles pitching for an amateur baseball team in the West Coast League. Women are breaking down barriers all over the place and it’s time previously male dominated realms wake up and realize it.

The HarbourCats lost that night to the Applesox, which makes the moment bittersweet. You can only imagine the comments in the Applesox locker room after the game. But that will all fade away one day when Claire Eccles strikes more players out, because she played a great game that night despite the loss. Give her time and she’ll be part of the winning solution.

Watch Her Play In Her First Game

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